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The MSP Kettlebell class consists of whole-body movement exercises that deliver cardio, strength, and flexibility benefits in a short amount of time and can be beneficial for anyone no matter the level of fitness. Kettlebells come in a range of off-centered weights and a workout includes different movements such as the deadlift, swing, clean and press, and snatch. Each of these movements are multi-joint and multi-muscle exercises that build strength, improve flexibility and burn fat and calories. In addition,  kettlebell movements are highly beneficial for the tendons and ligaments, resulting in stronger joints that may be less susceptible to injury.

If you talk with people who exercise with kettlebells, they'll tell you how they got relief from a variety of ailments including lower back pain,  bad shoulders, sore knee joints, stiffness, and lack of mobility.  

Never worked out with kettlebells? If this is a new movement to you, we require that you attend a Kettlebell Workshop to learn the various movements. To schedule a Kettlebell Workshop, contact us


"Before working out with kettlebells, I had severe lower back pain. But the workouts have completed relieved my pain ... pretty amazing. It has changed my life. Also, the workouts have significantly increased my strength. 

"A kettlebell workout isn't like lifting weights. It involves movement, cardio, and strength training. I particularly like the swings ... they work everything. I've noticed the benefits in my daily life ... basic movements such as lifting are much easier."

​"The kettlebell workout has rebuilt my body."