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Vicky Zyra yoga instructor - ryT-200


Vicky found yoga in 2000 after purchasing a yoga tape to support her running and weight training regimen. Instantly she realized yoga offered far more than a mere physical workout; it was a lifestyle. Over the years Vicky maintained her practice and in 2011 completed the 100 Hour Yoga Lifestyle Program at Three Rivers Yoga. For a few years yoga took a back seat while Vicky obtained her license in massage therapy. 

In 2014, she reconnected with herself on the yoga mat and completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga H'om. Her yogic influences include Tracey Rich & Ganga White (White Lotus), Suzanne Deason, and Rodney Yee. When not providing massage or playing in the studio, Vicky is most likely on a hike, at the beach, or learning something new.

Monica Kessler  business manager and instructor

yoga instructor - e-ryt 200, aerial yoga, kids yoga and fitness

Fi​tness has always been a part of Monica's life. In 2002, Monica was introduced to yoga at the gym she was attending. With a desire to learn more about this beautiful practice, Monica arrived at Donna Dyer's Yoga H'om. It was there that the 'yoga' she had been practicing transformed from being just a physical exercise into a complete mind, body and life changing experience. Knowing how greatly this practice affected her life, Monica knew in her heart that she had to share this practice with others and enrolled into Donna's 200-hour teacher training program in 2011. In July of 2016, Monica became a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor, through Jayne Bernasconi, from Yoga on York. Monica's intention is to uplift and send you on your way to a better day. She will continue to grow and expand her knowledge by studying under her master teachers Rodney Yee, Desiree Rumbaugh, Tiffany Cruikshank, Richard Freedman and Kino MacGregor. Children Yoga Instructor certified through Kidding Around Yoga. Monica strongly believes it's important to have a balance between strength and flexibility. You'll see her in many of the group fitness classes keeping everyone motivated, moving and laughing. She also teaches a very upbeat TRX Cardio class and Women on Weights.


HKC Kettlebell Instructor, TRX Instructor, Kickboxing Instructor (2nd Degree Black Belt), Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist 

Walt has been instructing wide variety of disciplines for 31 years. Walt is a big proponent of health; it's not about the waistline it's about living a long and healthy life. Under his instruction, clients with ailments have improved range of motion, strength, and reduced, if not eliminated pain. He is an ACE certified personal trainer and his main focus is helping others achieve their goals, maintain those goals and rehabilitate. He is a very disciplined and compassionate instructor who develops strength training programs based on personal needs, and cares about each individual who steps through the door. He takes great pride in our yoga classes, and his hands on at Movement Studio Pittsburgh group fitness classes including: Cardio Circuit, TRX Training, Kickboxing, Kettlebell and Personal Training. Movement Studio Pittsburgh instructor certifications are beyond compare with their years of experience and innovation and style of class. A healthy lifestyle is a movement and he will guide you into a "movement" that is right for you.

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mary sandora yoga instructor - ryT-200

Mary has been practicing yoga as a form of stress management for over 20 years. However it has been in the last 10 years that a dedicated regular practice was established. Travel for work gave Mary the opportunity to experience several different styles and studios in various cities. There were many excellent instructors who have served as inspiration; however it was at Donna Dyer's Yoga H'om that she realized yoga was more of a life style choice rather than an exercise routine.  In 2014 she decided to retire from the corporate world and make yoga a priority in her life. In 2015 she completed the 200 hour teacher training certification. The intention was not to look for a retirement job, but rather to share the love of yoga and its excellent healing properties with others. Mary's goal is to guide others on their path of spiritual and physical healing through yoga