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Sunday at 12:30-1:30pm

Starts 7/8/18 thru 7/29/18

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Great place to start for first time flyers! This 4 week intro to Aerial Yoga incorporates a soft hammock to explore refine, and advance traditional asana yoga, both in the air and on the ground. This class will offer students the opportunity to learn the basics so that they can feel more comfortable when attending all level classes.  For more information visit our Aerial Yoga page.  

4 Weeks for $60 (Regularly $75)


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3 New Kids Yoga Programs available for your budding little yogi!  More program details are available on our yoga page.  Pre-Registration for these 4 Weeks series is required.  .

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​​​​​5 Week INtro to yoga

Monday at 7:30-8:30pm

Starts 7/9/19 to 8/6/18

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New to Yoga for have some experience? This class is designed to teach and re-teach the basics of foundation, grounding, movement, breathing and relaxation. Class focus will be on proper alignment and adapting yoga to your physical and mental needs. A great class for everyBODY starting yoga for the first time, returning to yoga after a time away, or for experienced students wishing to strengthen the foundation of their practice. Perfect for students who like to learn sequentially with the same teacher in a small group who will receive individual attention.  Please arrive early to start each class promptly and to discuss existing conditions with your teacher.  $50 for 5 Weeks.


Wednesday at 8:15pm-9:15pm

Starts 7/11/18 to 8/1/18

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Are you looking to increase strength, confidence, coordination, or just looking to kick-start a cardio workout program, kickboxing will keep you coming back for more. This weekly class will teach you the basic kicks, punches and stance. You will learn how to get the most out of your punches and kicks so you can build confidence in your strikes. Great for beginners, with little to no kickboxing experience or if you're looking to refine your skills and form. . $40.00 for 4 Week, Reserve your spot online.



Sunday, July 15 at 6:30pm-8pm
Special Event $15 - Limited Spots!
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​Candlelight Live is a special event were Yoga and Live Music meet! Please join us for this special evening of Yin Yoga lead by Vicky accompanied with the musical talents of cellist Carol Elliott, known as Bellacumbi. Having the vibration of Carol's exquisite cello music during class will sooth your mind, give you deeper rest, heal and expand your heart, raise the vibrations of entire body and soul! Limit space, reserve online. No experience necessary. All Levels welcome.

         personal training • kettlebell • Kickboxing • TRX • Cardio Circuit • Yoga • aerial yoga


We invite you to workout with our highly qualified team of fitness professionals and mind/body experts who share one goal—to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. MSP is small and intimate studio—a place where our clients transform themselves physically and mentally. Join us for small group fitness classes, yoga, aerial yoga and personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals.

​​MOVEMENT STUDIO PITTSBURGH IS A SMALL GROUP FITNESS studio OFFERING personal training and UNIQUE WORKOUTS, such as trx, cardio Circuit training, kickboxing, kettlebell, YOGA AND AERIAL YOGA located in Imperial, Pa and servicing the surrounding areas of pittsburgh.

​​​3 Week INtro to trx


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​Wondering what all the hype is about with the TRX Suspension Trainer workout? Have you always wanted to try but feeling little intimidating jumping into a group TRX workout? Our Intro to TRX Suspension Training course is the perfect place for you to start! In this 3 Week Series you will learn the basics and benefits of this awesome piece of equipment. This TRX course is adaptable for all-levels. You can modify every single exercise to make it work for you, no matter your age or fitness level. Join us and you’ll improve balance, flexibility, mobility and build strength. No experience necessary. Class space is limited to 10 people. Preregistration is required

​​​​​​​​tween & Teen aerial 

YOGA Summer Camp!

Saturday at 11am-12pm

Ages 12 and up!

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Tweens & Teens, Spread Your Wings and Fly this Summer! Do you want Fly through the air with the greatest of ease?
Our Tweens and Teens 4 Weeks Aerial Yoga Summer Camp can make that a reality. Our 4 Week Summer Camp is designed for boys and girls to offer a fun and freeing introduction to aerial yoga and mindfulness to cultivate playfulness and happiness! These unique classes boost confidence, build strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness and exploration while subconsciously training the body and mind to embrace new experiences and challenge boundaries.

Our Tweens & Teens Aerial Yoga Summer Camp will lay the foundation for an aerial yoga practice. Teaching simple flows, inversions, and arm balances all while swinging or hanging in the air supported by a hammock. This is a relaxing and encouraging practice in a safe space where laughter and smiles are the only requirement!

4 week Consecutive Course for $60.00
Meets every Saturday’s starting:
July 14 to August 4 at 11am-12pm
No previous yoga or aerial experience is necessary.

Parents sign up your tween or teen and sign online waiver as the legal guardian for your aerial yoga participant.  Please contact us with any questions!